Senturk Deniz Mlz. We have been doing the material supply business for years. We provide services in all bonded and duty-free ports in Turkey. At the same time, we provide services on ships in shipyard maintenance. We are at the service of our valued customers with our delivery and supply chain with nearly five thousand stocks and nearly four hundred productions in terms of product variety.

The product tracking system, invoicing at the desired exchange rate, accounting-related data and our charting methods enable the companies we supply to determine their expenses better. By ensuring its continuity, we provide the right product. With our trust and guarantee in shopping, we are trying to serve you better than our other competitors. Our ISO 9001-2008 quality management certified company, which is compatible with new purchasing methods, does not compare you with material offers and contracts, with your estimation or non-contractual costs. It always works with you to increase the quality. We want to be your best business partner in line with these studies. You can send us your requests by mail, fax, or you can request your lists with IMPA or ISSA international codes or by giving our production and supply codes. The offers you have requested will be sent in English-Turkish. If you want in a third language, we can price it in line with the extra time and cost request.

 If you want a service other than product supply, all the details about the service are presented to you. If you want to partner with us outside of product supply and service, if you want to create a supply chain with us, send an introduction letter about your company. You will be contacted as soon as possible. We can be your supplier if the terms are agreed upon. If you request, you can be at our supplier. If you are working on R&D for a new product and want to start mass production, you can contact us.

We are proud to serve you with more than 50 suppliers and semi-finished products with our experience of more than 20 years and our ability to process all kinds of materials (yellow-metal-plastic-bakelite-stainless).